About me

For the past 6 1/2 years I was a Research Scientist in the Climate Science Branch at NASA Langley. I’m back home in NZ, on the look-out for new opportunities in data analytics / visualisation / remote sensing / applied physics. While at NASA I was working on the CERES project. My role was to develop algorithms that convert the satellite measured radiance into a scientifically (and increasingly, industrially) useful irradiance, focusing on the polar regions. I have also been involved in other areas of the satellite data process, including calibration and validation of the radiances, validation of irradiance, and development of temporally and spatially averaged datasets. This role required in-depth knowledge of physics, statistics, maths, and the programming skills needed to make it all happen.

Some key skills I think you should know about:

You can find out more about my work experience, education, and publications.

If you would like a PDF of my CV please contact me through gmail at joseph.corbett.

I am a New Zealand citizen, and have Permanent Legal Residence status (green card) in the USA.

Personal Interests

Out side of work I am an avid reader of books in a wide variety of topics. I enjoy playing a number of sports including cricket, and snowboarding, and have recently taken advantage of living on the Chesapeake Bay and participated in some yacht racing there. I also enjoy undertaking the majority of repairs and maintenance on my own car, currently a mid-nineties Volvo that is still going strong (well, “enjoy” might be too strong a word sometimes…).