Work Experience / Education / Publications

MSc (Hons); University of Auckland, 2010.

I graduated with a Master of Science with First Class Honours. My thesis involved researching and developing a method of estimating albedo for NASA’s Multi-angle Imaging Spectrometer satellite instrument.

The research project involved a substantial amount of statistical analysis on an exceptionally large dataset. It also involved utilising data across several satellite datasets. As a result of this I have a good understanding of remote sensing principles and programming functions (Fortran, Python and Matlab) required to access and analyse this type of data. I was the recipient of a scholarship from a NASA subsidiary, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

As part of my research I presented my results at one New Zealand conference and two international conferences in the USA and completed a thesis.

BSc(Hons); University of Auckland, 2008.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Second Class, First Division Honours in Physics.

Papers included: Advanced Electromagnetism, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Linear Systems, Inverse Problems, Wave Propagation, and a research dissertation.

As a component of my honours degree I completed a dissertation that researched the effect of sea ice reduction on top-of-atmosphere albedo over the Arctic. This involved co-locating sea ice data and albedo measurements and performing statistical analysis.

BCom/BSc; University of Auckland, 2002 - 2006.

I completed a conjoint degree with majors in Physics and Economics.

I was awarded a Senior Prize in Physics for 2006.

Papers included -

Science: Electricity and Circuits, Thermal Physics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Mathematics, Geophysics, Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Waves and practical work including laboratory experiments and field measurements.

Commerce: Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Game Theory, Public Economics, Economic Analysis, International Business, Management, Accounting, Commercial Law and Information Systems.